George Sanders -as-  Shadwell
Nicky Henson -as-  Tom Latham
Mary Larkin -as-  Abby Holman
Ann Michelle -as-  Jane Pettibone
Roy Holder -as-  Bertram
Denis Gilmore -as-  Hatchet
Miles Greenwood -as-  Chopped Meat
Peter Whitting -as-  Gash
Rocky Taylor -as-  Hinky
Beryl Reid -as-  Mrs. Latham

This movie sucks. One can only assume this movie was the reason for George Sander's suicide. Filmed in England, so all British motorcycles. I've seen it several times due to that curious draw bad movies have, but be forewarned, there are many slow, boring parts. Even an actor as great as Sanders couldn't pull this baby up.

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