The Leather Boys


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Rita Tushingham -as-  Dot
Colin Campbell -as-  Reggie
Dudley Sutton -as-  Pete
Gladys Henson -as-  Gran
Avice Landone -as-  Reggie's Mother
Lockwood West -as-  Reggie's Father
Betty Marsden -as-  Dot's Mother
Martin Matthews -as-  Uncle Arthur
Johnny Briggs -as-  Boyfriend

Good movie. Tackles issues of the era in England. More importantly, it has awesome period shots of the Ace Cafe and tons of sweet bikes. You name it, it's in here. Norton, Triumph (including bathtub model), BSA's, Ariels and the list goes on. You'll spend more time hitting pause and rewind to check out the bikes then you'll spend following the story.

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